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French Accommodation Reviews on Guest in the City

Accommodation in France: the classics

Travelers are used to a wide variety of accommodation options when they visit a place. When people imagine where they would stay when they go away for a holiday, of course the first thing - and maybe even the only one thing - that comes to mind is the hotel. Private rooms and bathrooms, a place to eat inside the same building - sometimes, meals included - and a varying number of amenities depending on the number of stars. The low-budget traveler will instead think of a hostel or something of the like, with shared bedrooms and spaces, a much lower price and arguably significantly less comfort, but with an often friendly atmosphere and a chance to talk to other travelers from all over the world, make new friends and hear interesting stories about trips around the world.

However, you have to see beyond these two obvious options and you will discover that you have so many other possibilities for accommodation in France, or virtually any other country for that matter. For example, the summer is a great time for camping, being in close contact with nature and setting up a tent or a mobile home. You can find special fields that have been equipped with facilities like bathrooms or services like security and cleaning, and stay there for days or even weeks. Read More...

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  • French Accommodation Reviews on Guest in the City
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